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The main element of the 2007 upward expansion, the Cardio Suit is one of our most popular fitness rooms; with Concept 2 Rowers, Treadmills, Bikes, Life Fitness Cross Trainers and much more, you'll never struggle to find something that'll rev your engine. Miscellaneous upper body machines are also present here. We keep a close eye on the temperature, always maintaining a cool environment for exercise. Fully air-conditioned during the hot summer months, large open out windows provide a fresh breeze during the rest of the year. 


This newly expanded basement room is perfect for lifting weights and broad range of different types of exercise equipment is available; add variety to your workout with our free weights, such as Dumbbells 5-60kg, Kettlebells, Barbells, resistance bands, pull-up bars, Plate Loaded machines, Stack Machines and a fully equipped Life Fitness 8 station cable machine as the focal point. A vast space to fine tune your physique, we have 8 brand new Life Fitness Benches, new Leg and Back machines (including the popular Rear Pec Dec) as well as other new equipment scheduled for the not too distant future. Surround sound Sonos speakers play uplifting beats to motivate your workout! 



Taking the place of two Squash Courts, The Functional Training Room houses a large Rig (Ideal for pull-ups, monkey bars, and other acrobatic exercises), 3 Squat Racks, 3 Battle Ropes, 2 Keiser Bikes, 2 Rowers, One Prowler Push, Farmers Walks, as well as dumbbells, Bosu Balls and other equipment. If you're looking for somewhere to get yourself hot and sweaty while completing a functional workout, look no further than this room. 



Taking the place of the kitchen and viewing area for the squash court, our brand new Functional Training Room houses TWO Olympic Lifting Platforms complete with over 250kg worth of bumper plate weights, mens and ladies training bars, ploy boxes and numerous Keiser training equipment and machines.



The Lower Gym area houses some fantastic machines, predominantly for the lower body such as the hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors and abductors. There is also our very popular assisted pull up machines to push you towards achieving a conventional full pull up.



The Studio has recently been extended and is now a fantastic open space. Here at Saints the room is commonly used for classes such as Abs Class, Pilates and Boxercise; though generally this space is free for members to use freely. Mirrors surround the room which creates a great viewing points for form during exercise. There are punch bags located towards the rear as well as dumbbells, Kettlebells an Steps which are available for use. 


With brand new Keiser Mi3 bikes, you're sure to have a fantastic workout. The bikes are at the cutting edge of technology where you can see your power output, RPM, calories burned and much more. You can make use of the app to workout within your desired effort ranges. Come and try a spinning class taken by one of professional instructors! 


As part of the recent refurbishment, the bar area has a new look with glass running around the back which is next to the new Functional Training Room (2). We offer Tea, Coffee, Cider/Larger/Guinness, Protein Bars, Flapjacks as well as an abundance of Protein Shake options and flavours; all at very reasonable prices for members and guests. 



Attached to the Men's changing room is the Sauna. Free of charge for members guests, the sauna is very popular, particularly after a hard workout. Sweat out your heavy weekend or simply soak up the intense heat to relax.  The Sauna is a wonderful way to warm up during cold weather and a great opportunity to relax the muscles in a social setting.



  • Stay well hydrated

  • Don't use if you are using medication

  • The appropriate amount of time to spend in the sauna is around 10 - 15 minutes




A Steam room attached to the Ladies changing room and is an enclosed space with large amounts of high temperature steam, creating a high humidity environment.



  • Drink more water before and after using steam room

  • Take a warm shower before entering

  • Do not exceed 15 to 20 minutes per session and make sure you are totally cool down before start next session.



The Glass-Back Squash court remains popular with members and guests. Racket-Ball can also be played and is an easier and popular alternative to Squash. Rackets and Balls can be rented from the main reception should you not have your own to use. 

We have a Squash team which competes in the North West Wales league on Thursday evenings 

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