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Massage Therapy

Whilst gaining his qualifications to become a Personal Trainer, Jake also developed his skills as a Sports Massage Therapist and found he had both the touch and talent to progress and turn his passion into his career. Now, with twelve years experience, he has brought his skills here to Saints Health and Fitness.


Massage therapy aids in promoting a physical as well as a mental well-being by improving the blood flow, flushing waste products from the body such as lactic acid, release muscle tension and reduce stress levels. Jake also performs Kinesiology taping which assists in sports training and injuries.

Please feel free to speak to Jake about any specific issues and he will be happy to advise accordingly.

Contact Jake on 07875 486 370


1st Assessment Treatment (60 Minutes) - £35

Specific Treatment (60 Minutes) - £35

Non injury specific (30 Minutes) - £25

Kinesiology Taping (15 Minutes) - £15

Swedish massage (60 Minutes) - £35

Stress buster full body massage (90 Minutes) - £50

You can get a Massage Voucher from Jake by contacting him directly .

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